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  Qapital     Creating value

Beyond asset classes, driven by opportunities.


Investment strategy focused on undervalued assets


Building, sourcing and funding of tech ventures


Growth strategies and organizational improvement

Moving Forward

Qapital is a strategy advisory and general investment firm providing resources for growth and partnering with  exceptional companies globally. We look for outstanding market opportunities based on in-depth analysis of risk and upside value. Our primary focus lies in unlocking and adding value in our participations.
We are on a mission to help ambitious founders make progress and build a sustainable future.

Get to know us

Advanced Strategy

Combining the agility of entrepreneurship and the professionalization of corporates.

Accelerating Growth

Unlocking value and a focus on scalability fueling long term growth.

Acquiring Assets

Creating value in a diversified multi-asset strategy.

Active Management

Building strong partnerships with founder teams and decision-makers.



Creating Opportunities

We aim to acquire promising assets to strengthen the Qapital portfolio. We partner with management to improve efficiency. We provide funding and resources in areas such as legal, marketing, finance, performance improvement and human resources.


As ventures can IPO and public companies be taken private we are convinced that a broader view is relevant in the identification of opportunities. We are not limited by a single sector or company type, instead we look at risk and reward.

An optimal diversification of risk by investing in public equity, private equity (venture capital) and alternatives.

Our entrepreneurial mindset, background in business, research on venture composition and value drivers brings the best to both worlds. We extend the professionalization of corporates and the agility of startups providing benefits for both.

Information for Limited Partners

Weena 505 Rotterdam, Netherlands

+31 (0) 10 30 75 999

Information for Venture Partners