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About us


Qapital, founded in 2014, started out as a holding for entrepreneurial ventures. As the world around us evolves, so do we. Our background in digital and tech combined with extensive management experience in fast moving organizations has provided us with the tools to be agile and innovative.


As we are convinced that we should look beyond the limitations of asset classes to find optimal value, we follow an M&A approach. Our focus lies in supporting and scaling technology driven organisations, as well as acquiring assets and providing advisory services.


As of 2023 Qapital will be launching diversified growth funds and a secondary market providing liquidity for investors. Our focus lies in risk mitigation, value creation and bridging the gap between funders and founders. Follow our research for preliminary information.

Our views

Seizing opportunities

As experienced entrepreneurial investors we are fully focused on spotting opportunities. Assessing informational asymmetries is what gives us our edge. We invest, develop and grow alongside founders, c-suite executives and management teams to maximize results. Instead of classifying organizations only on size we look at organizational dynamics and, in our view, startups up to large scale organizations can benefit from cross-learning.

Whether you are a venture founder, capital investor or organization aiming for growth, we are ready to move forward >>

Founders Funders


To drive innovation through venture backing and supporting exceptional companies globally.


Scalable opportunities managed by exceptional teams, preferably in tech related sectors.


Offering outstanding opportunities usingĀ a sourcing platform for innovative investment solutions.


Adding value, not only monetary, yet for all stakeholders.