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Creating opportunities

People. Purpose. Profit.

Entrepreneurs first. Whether we participate in larger companies already operating a viable business (growth equity) or scalable smaller ventures showing high potential, we always dive in deep. Our approach can be classified as hands-on active management and we operate alongside the existing founder team.

We have a strong preference for companies that are tech related and highly scalable. However, when the opportunity fits our investment views, more traditional companies are also welcome to join our portfolio. By optimizing current processes and unlocking value we are set for growth.

Value is added by the right people so building a rockstar team is essential. You don’t have to know everything but should excel in at least one specific skill. Combining those special skills in One Team delivers winners. What value does your venture add and why should your company become a market leader?

Think about your competitive advantage or problem that you aim to solve. Even starting businesses need to think beyond an idea and focus on a solid business model strategy. We believe in earning power, now or in the future. In the long term investment should fuel growth instead of covering for losses.

Building a portfolio in tech & digital

Our current ventures

Entrepreneurs first

With an entrepreneurial mindset we build alongside the existing founder team. Transparent and constructive.

Value Adding Network

Maybe even more important than cash and similar resources. Tapping in a network of other entrepreneurs and investors.


Syndicates can unlock synergies in experience and help scale more easily. Co-investors can be added if needed or desired.

Long term commitment

Cooperation for the long term. There are no quick wins here, we build teams for the years to come.

Cradle to IPO

Develop during the complete business lifecycle from startup to full grown company and help organisations grow.

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