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Moving forward

The process


Our commitment starts with an extensive company scan for growth drivers. Not all investment proposals are a match, however if we are convinced it matches our strategic views, we dive in deep.


Not all participations are based on funding, often we can add value by providing a valuable network, advisory services or organizational support. We deploy the resources needed to grow.


As our efforts are in full effect we continuously monitor progress. We assess if we need to add extra resources, acquire or divest. We focus on mutual benefits and generally aim for long-term commitments.

Our views on sustainable investment

Beyond asset classes, driven by opportunities

Purpose driven

Commitment to making a difference.

Flexible ownership

Skin in the game with equity based investing.


Acquisition for strategic growth.

Team composition

Focus on inclusive and diverse teams.

Research based

Application of evidence-based research.

Risk mitigation

Diversification of assets invested.